Recognize difference AMOLED, IPS and TFT on Tablet Screen

Recognize difference AMOLED, IPS and TFT on Tablet Screen. The development of a technology in a portable devices experience significant increases, as the screen of a tablet. Some tablets have a different screen technology. The better the technology used, the more expensive the price is also required to purchase a tablet found. One of the Hardware such as the Screen Display to be supporting for a tablet.

Recognize difference AMOLED, IPS and TFT on Tablet Screen

Recognize difference AMOLED, IPS and TFT on Tablet Screen

Now it has developed IPS technology on some tablets, has even been named technology AMOLED. TFT is also still found in some other older tablet. Before buying a tablet, you should already know all the specifications and customize to your needs. If you want the best Tablet for games, then my suggestion using the Nexus-10. If you want to use for daily necessities, then some tablet from Samsung can be a consideration. Suppose that the Samsung galaxy tab.

Then on each tablet is using a technology for Screen Display. This post will review regarding IPS, AMOLED and TFT screen tablet on. A third of these technologies, certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s his review:


AMOLED is short for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. This AMOLED technology popularized by Samsung. The AMOLED screen is the development of its predecessor, the OLED. OLED has solid components in the form of thin films containing organic molecules. These components will light up when it gets an electrical current

Advantages of AMOLED screen

• Have the brightness of the color that is very high, both for the display

• The existence of the RGB settings, so that the color of a photo or video results seem stable.

• More power saving up to 40% compared to the display type TFT

• Clear although it would seem to be exposed to sunlight.


Shortage of AMOLED screen

Devices using AMOLED has a relatively high price, because this screen technology is still new. For example Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 S.


Since the emergence of the Android Operating System the first time, the LCD IPS technology is becoming popular. This technology can be found on a tablet or smartphone intermediate and above. IPS has a length “In Plane Switching” Technology LCD panel that can display a brighter color. IPS has advantages and disadvantages. On the merits, IPS can display the results of the photographic image is very nice. But can spend the battery power consumption is large enough, then the resulting brightness not too perfect.


TFT is the “Thin Film Transistor” a screen that is already common on mobile devices. Advantages of TFT screen is having display sharp and the touch response is quite fast. The disadvantage, this screen has a very wasteful battery consumption.

So every technology has drawbacks and advantages. More sophisticated technologies that price has a relatively expensive. Because of the continued development of made to give you the best results on the user. Such is the advantages and disadvantages of a third of the Screen display. Thank you’ve read my post: Recognize difference AMOLED, IPS and TFT on Tablet Screen

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