How to Speed Up Android Tablet Performance

How to Speed Up Android Tablet Performance. One of the common issues carried by Android tablet is the sluggish performance. But you don’t have to worry since there are some tricks to speed up the performance of Android tablets. The tardiness of Android tablets can be caused by a variety of factors such as limited RAM and the background running applications. Here are some useful tips to improve the Android tablet performance easily.

How to Speed Up Android Tablet Performance

How to Speed Up Android Tablet Performance

Startup Cleaner

Some applications will be automatically active when your tablet is switched on. In this case, you can use the Startup Cleaner 2.0 to identify a list of applications that are automatically active when the tablet is turned on. You can also set the application that will be activated automatically based on the primary needs of tablet. Remove only the applications that are not very useful. Do not remove important applications since it will interrupt the function of Android system.

Task Manager

Task Manager is one of the most important features of Android tablet. Task manager has become the default application for Android OS. To monitor the programs that are running, you just need to open the Task Manager in Settings -> Running Applications.


Widget Removal

The widget shows the current information of Android system and it’s actually interactive. On the other hand, the widget requires more power for providing new information or update. By disabling unnecessary widgets, you can save memory and boost the tablet performance significantly.

Cache Cleaner

The memory cache is basically a frequently used elements stored on the tablet so that they do not always need to be downloaded. This saves a lot of time on tasks such as browsing internet especially on frequently accessed web pages. Some applications may have a very large cache. It is recommended to free up the cache of tablets several times to save memory. You may use the App Cache Cleaner and Cache Cleaner in Play Store.

These applications can help you get the tablet faster in performance or performance. Please download the application via Google Play, then use the appropriate instructions that have been there. If your tablet is still constrained by the performance, maybe storage on memory RAM is full. Thank you’ve read my post: How to Speed Up Android Tablet Performance
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