Xiu Xiu MeituPic As photo editing App from China

Xiu Xiu MeituPic As photo editing App from China. Xiu Xiu MeituPic is an application that can be used to edit photos on android which is very favorable to female. This application can process a photo appear attractive. Photos that initially appear opaque, it will look brighter and captured after using this application. For those of you who are women, these applications can make your photographs into beautiful. Useful also for smooth Selfie Photo.

Xiu Xiu MeituPic As photo editing App from China

Xiu Xiu MeituPic As photo editing App from China

First ever discussed about Photo Studio on this blog. Its function is similar to the photo studio application, however there are some additional features that are not owned by photo studio applications. Xiu Xiu Meitu is the application of the country of china. On the desktop version or the PC, xiu xiu using Chinese language in its application. Although basically speak Chinese but when installed this application will follow the existing language on your android device and of course it would be very easy to use, let’s say your gadget speak English then these applications use that language as well.

Xiu Xiu MeituPic As photo editing App from China

Interesting features include: can Whiten the skin, smooth skin, remove acne, smoothes lashes, adding filters, and much more.

Completeness of the features on the xiu xiu, which makes the android user liked this application. There is the Edit menu as main menu. In this menu we can find a variety of tools for editing photos. Before we edit photos then we are directed to choose photos that we will edit after that we will find a variety of features that are very complete. Here are some of the features:

  • Edit: you can use to Crop the picture, rotation, sharpening and colour
  • Enhance: can be used to change the brightness, and contrast
  • Filter: there are a lot of filters like instagram app. You can choose a color that will be the old combined with the photo.
  • Frames: adding the frame
  • auto enhance: features for auto beauty photos
  • brus magic : give a special touch on your photo with more color
  • Mozaic :well this feature to make the sensor effect.
  • text :to add the writing on the photo. There are many choices of font type and color.
  • Blur : blur effects to Give part or on certain parts.

While the automatic feature is very diverse. With the features of this beauty, you can change the image that used to be common to look more beautiful and charming. On the Xiu Xiu prefer beauty. Very suitable for young women. But for the man not to worry, you can use this feature as well. Here are a few beauty features:

Auto retouch; automatically turn your photos into beautiful looks in one touch.

  • Skin: you can change the quality of the skin, there is a feature to make the skin smother looks smooth and seamless for whitening, whitening of the skin, while the tone to change the tone color
  • Acne: with this feature, you get rid of acne, encompasses spots or stains on the face. .
  • Sliming: If you have a fat body, then use this feature to make your photo look more svelte or vice versa.

There are still many other features that are very interesting and well used to sharpen the picture quality. Please download this application through Play Store because free it. Further photos will be more interesting with the use of creative ideas from you. You can share the results of these photos into social media. Thank you have read the post: Xiu Xiu MeituPic As photo editing App from China

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